Tips to keep your lungs healthy

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This handout tells you things you can do to keep your lungs healthy and prevent breathing problems.  

Stay away from dirty or smoky air.  

• Do not go to places where there may be dry dirt or loose soil, such as:
– Building sites – Gardens
– Empty lots

• Do not smoke or go near places where there is a lot of smoke.

• Do not use a wood fireplace or a wood stove.

• Have someone else clean and vacuum for you if you can.
– Make sure your house is vacuumed and dusted at least once a week.
– Leave the room or wear a mask or scarf over your nose and mouth if dust is being stirred up.  

Do not use cleaning supplies with strong smells

• Stay away from:
– Air fresheners with perfume smells
– Spray house cleaners
– Soaps or cleaning products that give off fumes  

Check your home for mold and mildew

• Clean places where water collects, such as:
– Bathroom sink and tub
– Window sills
– Kitchen sink
– Basement floor and walls
– Indoor plants and cut flowers
– Drip pans from refrigerators, humidifiers, and air conditioners
– Furnace and air conditioner filters

• Look for damp places where mold can grow, such as:
– Mattress, furniture, or carpet that was slow to dry after getting wet

• Keep home humidity level low. Use a dehumidifier if humidity is high.  

Stay away from germs

• Stay at least 3 feet away from people who are sick with a cold or the flu.

• Avoid crowded places.

• Wash your hands before you eat.