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Talk with your doctor about your heart!

Use these tips to get ready for your next doctor visit.


Tips for kids with high cholesterol

You may think only “old” people have high cholesterol.  This is not the case — even kids can have high cholesterol. 


Healthy hearts, healthy homes: Protect your heart against diabetes

Did you know that type 2 diabetes is a serious problem for Latino families? It affects men, women, and children. Nearly 1 in 10 adult Latinos has diabetes. One in four Latinos ages 35 and older with diabetes also has heart disease.


Life is a treasure. Control your blood pressure

Did you know that high blood pressure  is a problem among Latinos? One in five Latinos has high blood pressure. Only one in five Latinos with high blood pressure has it under control.


Preventing high blood pressure

Blood pressure normally goes up and down during the day. When blood pressure stays high for too long it is called hypertension. 



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